Juice You Can Make Before Exercise.

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Juice You Can Make Before Exercise.

Juice You Can Make Before Exercise

Drinking fresh juices before you exercise may give you added nutrients necessary to help maintain your stamina and endurance. According to Jennifer K. Nelson, a registered dietitian, fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain the same beneficial vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that you get from eating the whole fruit or vegetable. Your body may more easily absorb these nutrients in the form of fresh juice and your digestive system may not have to work as hard to break down the fruit. Fresh juices may help reduce your risk of cancer, boost immunity, assist with detoxification, aid digestion and enhance weight loss.


According to Eat Better America, juicing fruits or vegetables that have complex carbohydrates may provide you with the best energy-producing fuel for your body. Complex carbs provide you with the type of glucose that your body converts into energy slowly, which gives you a more consistent supply of energy throughout your workout. It takes your body about two hours to process carbohydrates, which makes fresh juice a quick and easy source of energy for your exercise routine.


Carrot Juice

Carrot juice may give you a quick pick-me-up while providing you with lasting energy for your workout. Carrots contain high levels of beta-carotene – an antioxidant that may help oxygenate your blood, brain and body tissues. Combine 8 oz. of freshly pressed carrot juice with one clove of juiced garlic. You may choose to add 1 tsp. of ginseng powder for added strength, energy and stamina for your workout.

Fruit and Nut Juice

Banana is a good option for pre-workout juicing since it contains high levels of potassium, which can help your body convert glucose to glycogen for long-term energy. Almonds are a nutrient-dense, high energy food, and bran contains magnesium which may help your body store and release glycogen and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Combine 1 cup of fresh squeezed apple juice with 1 banana, 1 tbsp. of wheat, rice or oat bran and eight to 12 almonds. Blend thoroughly, adding water for desired taste and consistency.

Beetroot Juice

Drinking fresh beetroot juice prior to exercise may help improve your stamina and endurance. According to a study published in 2009 and led by the University of Exeter, the naturally-occurring nitrate in beetroot juice was shown to lead to reduced oxygen uptake, which made exercise less tiring to study participants. Eight men aged 19 to 38 were given 2 cups of beetroot juice for six days in a row prior to exercising. After drinking the juice the men were able to exercise an average of 92 seconds longer than when they were given a placebo. Prior to your next workout, juice and drink one to two beets, adding fresh apple juice to taste.


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