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Chewy Coconut Sugar Cookies

These wonderful Chewy Coconut Sugar Cookies are an adaption of my Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies. Those are some of the best cookies I have ever made and many of you that made them, agree. Crisp edges with perfectly chewy centers are the stuff my cookie dreams are made of. And this new version has the same qualities. The original recipe…

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5 Egg-ceptional Ways to Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Scrambled, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, baked, coddled, sunny side up, over easy, in an omelette or a souffle — there are endless ways to cook eggs. No matter how you like your eggs, they are a healthy and delicious addition to any meal. One large egg has about 70 calories, yet are an egg-cellent source of high-quality protein, vitamins…

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10 Amazing Benefits of Walking.

Walking is not only the simplest form of exercise that almost everyone can do, it’s also a free activity that can aid in weight loss and maintenance. But walking’s benefits go even further — here are 10 more reasons to start, or keep,walking.

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Fun Facts About Healthy Eating.

Punny Produce There are lots of fun facts about fruits and vegetables. For instance, the average American eats 10,000 carrots over the course of his life. You can drink a glass of water or eat a cantaloupe — the fruit is 90 percent water. The world’s largest squash was the size of a young elephant — weighing in at over…

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Nutritional Facts for Celery Juice.

Many raw food advocates sing the praises of juicing vegetables as a way of taking in a variety of nutrients and improving your health. Many people do not think of juice when it comes to celery, but celery juice offers vitamins and minerals as well as a different taste compared to other, more commonly available vegetable juices, including tomato and…

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Juice You Can Make Before Exercise.

Drinking fresh juices before you exercise may give you added nutrients necessary to help maintain your stamina and endurance. According to Jennifer K. Nelson, a registered dietitian, fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain the same beneficial vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that you get from eating the whole fruit or vegetable. Your body may more easily absorb these nutrients in…

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How to Eat Healthy Without Eating Vegetables

While it’s possible to eat healthfully without eating vegetables, the nutrients found in vegetables provide essential building blocks for your body’s health, making vegetables a vital part of any truly nutritious diet. That said, it’s still possible to have a relatively healthy diet that does not include vegetables — just so long as it incorporates a number of other healthful…

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What Are the Most Nutritious Vegetables to Juice?

Juicing vegetables offers many health benefits because vegetables are rich in nutrients. Some vegetables are more nutrient-dense and make better candidates for juicing than others. Combining a few different vegetables is a good way to get a diverse blend of vitamins and minerals that support various aspects of health and well-being. Pure, 100-percent vegetable juice counts towards your daily intake…